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Focus Financial Partners

In 2006, StrategicPoint joined Focus Financial Partners, a company formed to acquire economic interests in client-centered, independent investment advisors nationwide. StrategicPoint was one of four founding firms of Focus. We consider this an opportunity to improve our services and to be associated with firms who are committed to the same goals we are---that is, providing clients with a high level of financial advice and service. In fact, all Focus firms are Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), meaning they have a fiduciary duty to put their client's interest first. We are excited to be associated with the outstanding group of Focus founding firms that are among the leaders in the industry and in their local markets. We have found other like-minded professionals who share our business philosophy of putting clients first and managing client assets on a fee basis.

Our partnership with Focus allows us to maintain our identity and independence. At the same time, our participation in the Focus partnership may enhance opportunities for our clients. Focus is now the largest independent wealth management firm in the United States, based on assets under management.

Just like we do when we manage our clients' financial lives, we must adapt to new opportunities and a changing landscape. We believe that our partnership with Focus has allowed us to deliver the highest quality service while continuing to build on our direct connection to each client. We know that your financial needs are as unique and personal as you are and your success is predicated on careful consideration of all facets of your life. This is why we serve our clients with a team of financial advisors, accounting and client service professionals. Our dedicated staff provides detailed planning, customized resources and special attention to each individual. Our ultimate goal is to help you take control of your finances and thus feel secure in your future.

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